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Repairs, Reskinning and Restoration

We specialize in vacuum forming new vinyl over most moulded auto interior components. Our specialist reskinning machinery enables us to custom repair and restore Dashboards, Door Trims, Consoles and Arm Rests.

We have been in business since 1988 and have repaired thousands of auto interior components to a high quality at an affordable price. Our approach enables restoration of components to original form.

Reskinning method

Dashboards and parts can be sent to our factory and returned back to you after repair.


Areas of the dashboard that have cracked or deteriorated will be removed and the surface is rebuilt and reshaped to its original form.


New vinyl with a choice of original textures is then vacuum formed onto the part, as illustrated in the video.

The dashboard or part is then trimmed up and coloured to original or custom colours.

Check our before and after pictures for full illustrations.

Before and after repairs

Before and after examples below demonstrate how our professional approach can return your product to its original form.

1958 Oldsmobile dashboard
Alfa 105 GTV 1750 dashboard
Mercedes CLK doortrims
XC Ford Falcon centre console and lid

Ph: 03 9383 6861 E:

Find us: 71 Sydney Road Coburg, Victoria 3058

Opening Hours: Mon- Fri 8:30am- 4:30pm

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